EdTechSummitSA: UC-Wireless


Much of the work done by the EdTech Summit team in training and creating a collaborative learning environment in 2014 was made possible by the services of UC-Wireless. The EdTech Summit producers knew that consistent connectivity to the internet was paramount for the broadest learning to take place. Imperative to the trainings planned was that all devices used in workshop sessions from laptops, tablets, and smartphones to personal mobile devices brought by attendees be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi with decent speeds and unrestricted access during the Summit day. Maintaining consistent connectivity for 200-300 devices on all 6 campus locations no matter what the unique school infrastructure started with, was made possible by the state-of-the-art portable Wi-Fi solutions UC-Wireless was asked to provide by Summit organizers.


Through the EdTech Summits, UC-Wireless had the opportunity to show many schools, school management teams and teachers, that it is indeed possible and very affordable to have a stable and effective Wi-Fi network and environment even in some of the most under-resourced schools and communities. The EdTech Summit has shown people the resources that are in abundance over the internet. UC-Wireless has shown how easy it is to stay connected.  UC-Wireless played a very important role in making sure the EdTech Summits were a success. The EdTech Summit and the team are very grateful for their tireless efforts in making sure that we stayed connected. The possibilities of what one can do, discover and learn are endless when there is connectivity.


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EdTech Summit Final Leg: Stirling Primary School


EdTech Summit South Africa has kicked off in its final location, Stirling Primary School in East London. Stirling Primary School has been amazing in hosting the summit, they have gone the extra mile to accommodate learning and development in their community and the surrounding communities as well. We are very grateful to Stirling Primary School for their hospitality.

The energy from the teachers and school leaders who managed to make their way to the final summit is amazing. Incredible connections are being made between global and local teachers and school teachers. It is when we work together and share ideas that growth begins. That is what the EdTech Summit is about, growth through sharing of knowledge. Breaking boundaries and interacting with people from all over the world is what the EdTech Summit is about because we realize that we all have similar if not the same struggles when it comes to education and technology.

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Edtech Summit: Duncan Village


The final day of the EdTech Summit tour has arrived. This morning we’re here in East London, Duncan Village. The EdTech Summit is inspiring yet again a huge crowd of people who have shown up all in the name of education and knowledge. The Edunova Learning Centre, in Duncan Village, is our host today. By the number of people who are here today, it is evident that the word on the quality of EdTech Summit tour workshops is travelling. FAST.IMG_0359

Giveaways are already being given to the attendees today. These different pieces of technology are given to help teachers in educating their students and to help them integrate technology with learning and teaching. This integration cannot happen without the necessary   skills and technology being made available to under-resourced schools in our communities. This is the last of our EdTech Summits but the energy is just the same as the previous summits we’ve held, if not more.

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!Hrvoje Jerkovic


Hrvoje is a ICT (Information Communication Technology), Web Design and Electronic Business Lecturer at Zagreb School of Economics and Management in Croatia. Hrvoje’s motivation for being part of the EdTech Summits is meeting and socializing with different people from different parts of the world.

Hrvoje enjoys helping other people. He is Christian by belief, which contributes to his desire and love for helping other people. He gained very valuable experience in teaching with teachers from all over the world and from different backgrounds. He feels he has gained valuable experience in helping to foster transformation.

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!Lawrence ‘Law’ Ortiguerra

IMG_0660                                  IMG_0501

Lawrence Ortiguerra is an 8th grade Maths and Science teacher in San Francisco. Law’s motivation for doing the EdTech Summit is to help discover what is out there. He feels that a lot of teachers get, stuck at times, in doing the same things that they are used to doing and are comfortable with. It takes other people to introduce them to new ways of doing things that will help them in their classrooms. At the same time, Law teaches in order to learn.

As a young boy, Law was a boy scout and his scout master used to say to him, “the gifts that were given to you are not meant for you to keep, the gifts that were given to you are meant to be gifts for other people”. That has always stuck with him and made want to gain as much as he could so he can be able to give back. Whenever Law learns something new, he gets excited about it and wants other people to get excited about it too.

One of the things that Law will be taking back with him is in one of Jenny’s (EdTech Summit Presenter) workshops on paper circuits. He will now be able to make electrical circuits accessible to grade 8 learners. Law is a very valuable part of the EdTech Summit tour.

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EdTech Summit: Cape Town


The EdTech Summit in Cape Town, at LEAP Science and Maths School, is off to a good start. The LEAP School has been very forthcoming and excited about hosting the EdTech Summit in Cape Town. The turnout of teachers and leaders from LEAP School and the surrounding school and communities is absolutely amazing. It’s assuring and amazing to see such a huge number of people present, mostly because it’s a school day. It goes to show how much school leaders and teacher are not only dedicated to teaching but learning as well, so they can go back to their schools and classrooms to implement new ways of teachings and learning.


The energy and willingness to share knowledge and expertise between professionals from different schools and continents is amazing. One would think this is our first summit because of the excitement in this summit today even though the EdTech Summit is drawing closer to the end. Technology is excelling in all the workshops, people are asking questions and experimenting with technology.  People are excited about technology. It is through this excitement and curiosity that learning begins and eventually spark and transfer this excitement and curiosity to their students.

This is change happening.

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!Oliver Mqoqi


Oliver Mqoqi is a ICT (Information Communication Facilitator) at Edunova. His motivation to be part of the EdTech Summit comes from his desire to share his knowledge with other people. He is motivated to close the gap between education and technology, for schools with no libraries. ICT knowledge and skills makes learning and teaching easier. He recognizes that most teachers are scared of technology only because they don’t know how to use it and combine it with teaching.

Oliver studied in an under-resourced school in Gugulethu and he wants to help teachers improve the learning systems for students in the same, under-resourced, schools like he was. Oliver adds real value to the EdTech Summit team.

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